10% of each order will be donated to Okhmatdyt to support children in Ukraine
Not available
386 USD
Camille skirt Code: 115-10
1145 USD
Laetitia skirt Code: 124-04
807 USD
Laetitia skirt Code: 124-05
807 USD
silk skirt mini Code: 121-04
518 USD
Silk skirt mini Code: 121-05
518 USD
Silk skirt midi Code: 119-04
663 USD
Silk skirt Midi Code: 119-05
663 USD
Silk mini skirt Code: 121-01
518 USD
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Dear Customers,

Despite the war happening in Ukraine, we have restarted our work.
By purchasing, you support our children.
10% of each order will be donated to the National specialized children's hospital "Okhmatdyt".
Kindly note that delivery time may take up to 14 working days.
We appreciate your patience!
With love,